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Secrets to a successful slogan t-shirt

Slogan t-shirts have been around for so long and they don't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. A slogan should be a short and memorable phrase. People love that they can express their feelings, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs through their t-shirts. It might be in support of a movement, for a charity organization or even birthday parties, slogan t-shirts matter and more people are investing in them. Slogan t-shirts should be comfortable and carry favorite inscriptions. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself while being creative and unique.

However, creating the right T-shirt with the perfect slogan, font size, character spacing and so on is serious work. Get it wrong and you could be passing the wrong message. Here are a few tips to help in creating the perfect slogan t-shirts;


  • Choosing the right words: You cannot have a full paragraph on just one T-shirt. This means you need your words to be short, punchy and precise. You only have a few seconds to pass your message and you need to be as concise as possible. Get rid of words that do not add to the purpose or to your cause. The best slogans should either be funny or meant to raise awareness. If you are just aiming for fashion, create words that will make those wearing them feel really cool and trendy. Humor is a great way to go. People like words that cause them to smile and can do the same for others. You can also add graphics as this captures attention well. Creating the right slogan requires some level of creativity and uniqueness. You also have to step back from your own personal preference and try to relate to others. You can also browse online for ideas. Remember, keep it short, simple and catchy.


Secrets of a successful Slogan t-shirt-Beautiful model with white tshirt-BeUnique.co Blog


  • Selecting the right font: The right font is important and it all depends on the theme of your message. If you are supporting a movement, bold and capitalized fonts e.g. Couture is perfect in passing your message. If however, you are aiming for cute and funny, a handwritten font will probably be perfect for that effect. People generally prefer 'sans-serif' font as they are simple and will serve their purpose. Fonts that are not really fancy are also perfect. You should also use fonts that look natural on your t-shirts. Avoid fancy fonts and joined up letters.


 Secrets of a successful Slogan t-shirt-Gorgeous model with white tshirt-BeUnique.co Blog


  • Arranging the words: A misplaced words or wrong spacing can easily ruin the message you are trying to send. It is important to lay out your words in a way that really captures attention. Your words on each line of the text should form a balanced and well-aligned shape. You should really pay attention to the font height and spacing. You can edit individual letters so they can have the same size and height. Your words are short so the smallest mistake can be really noticeable.


  • Decide your budget and quantity: you need to decide how much you want to spend and how much you need to produce. Producing additional colors might cost you more so you need to put that into perspective. Some cost less when produced in bulk so before you start printing, decide the amount you really need to save you money and resources. There are different printing methods so research on them to see that which is the best option for you.


  • Choosing your T-shirt type: there are different types of T-shirt and your choice depends on your target market. What message are you trying to pass? Producing crop tops won't really pass a message about a law firm well. If your products are for kids, then you should use a style that is cute and cartoon-like. If you are aiming for professionalism, plain t-shirts are probably your best bet. They also don't have to be boring. You should also be as simple as possible. Simple is best. You should also pay attention to your fabric color and your print-color. Be sure the two complement each other. The colors of a branded T-shirt also pass a message. Aim for really cool and stylish colors like white, black, wine, burgundy etc.


  • Selling your products: There are so many slogan t-shirts out there. All are attempting to pass one message or the other. Some are just for fun and can just be flirty. What will make people pay attention to yours? What's so special about your slogan T-shirt that people are willing to invest in it. The best way to do that is to have a great model wear your T-shirt. Take full advantage of the handy Photoshop tool. The right picture that comes with a perfect and appealing product description will do wonders for your products. It is not about doing more. Keep it simple and professional and watch your slogan T-shirt capture the attention it really deserves. You also have to know your own target market, study their interests and do something that they can relate with. You can also test your t-shirts in a small audience and try to get their feedback before you expand to a larger base. You can also get an important figure or a celebrity to help you market your products. It is equally important to create t-shirts with comfortable materials and of high quality. It won't make sense to create amazing words on t-shirts of inferior quality. They should also be stylish and fashionable.

Additionally, include your brand logo so buyers can know who to consult if they want something similar.



Creating a slogan t-shirt is a lot of work and can really be productive in the long run. You are more likely to succeed with a slogan T-shirt that carries a cause you can personally relate to. Cool colors are also important so be sure to use everyone's favorite. Be it for birthdays, politics, charities and so on, the key is to be short, cool and trendy. Everyone loves a good slogan T-shirt.

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