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6 Brilliant Christmas Outfit ideas You Need To Know

It is almost Christmas time, so every fashion-forward lady needs to know how to pull off the latest trends. It doesn’t really matter whether you need a fabulous party outfit or an everyday laid-back ensemble. The only thing that’s important is to find the biggest trailblazing pieces and add them to the final look. Thanks to our suggestions below, you will find it much easier to be super-fashionable this holiday season. There is a little bit for everyone and every occasion.

Cozy by the Fire

There is one piece of clothing that is mega-popular around the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. If you don’t own a cozy sweatshirt with a print, you are missing out on a lot. All of the best-dressed bloggers celebrate the morning after Christmas opening their presents by the tree wearing a cute sweatshirt or hoodie. You can even take a shot or two to post on your Insta profile. If your style of choice is cozy for that day, find a pair of cool leggings or jeggings to finish off the look. Check out our “Santa Claus and Reindeer” sweatshirt which comes in three colors, to put that festive mood on in the best possible way. The “Crimson Christmas Deer” hoodie is available in a whopping number of seven colors, one to match each of your outfits.


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Merry Christmas ya filthy animal Sweatshirt | 34,95$ on SALE


Full-On Glam

Once the holidays come, get ready to bring the full-on sparkle look. Sequins are the top trending fabric for this time of the year. There is also one color that strongly reminds of Christmas and all the joy it brings. If you really want to stand out this season choose any shade of red. Burgundy will also do the job. The bold silver and metallic hues are ideal for festive days. Since for Christmas, everything is allowed, you can upgrade your holiday attire with a pair of fierce sandals. Forget about the cold ladies, looking trendy is a priority.

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Photo Credit @songofstyle


Animal Print Craze

It seems that everyone is obsessed with the fierce animal print. Influencers and celebrities are rocking it for every occasion, starting with red carpet events to everyday attire. The question is, can you actually include it in your Christmas outfit. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re attending an office party, planning a dinner date with friends or going out to the club. There is always a way to incorporate this print for the holidays in your looks.

For all the gals who have a day event planned, you can grab a snakeskin blazer, pair it with black pants and a white button-up shirt. Everyone will be completely obsessed with how chic you look. The night is when things become interesting. This is the time when you should rock the boldest dress ever. Ladies with athleisure ensembles in mind will literally love this other idea. Leopard printed pants will look absolutely amazing with a Christmas-inspired sweatshirt. Our “Beautiful Christmas Sweater with Reindeer” is available in black and navy, the two colors that work best with animal designs.

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Smooth In Velvet

Once cold weather hits, get ready to start shopping for velvet pieces. This fabric is currently one of the biggest fashion trends, and yes, there is a way to include it in the Christmas ensemble. And what’s even better is that your choices are endless. Starting with jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, pants, blazers, all of these pieces scream “holidays”. One of the smartest tricks in the fashion book is to pull off day-to-night outfits. That way, you can start the day with a fun velvet blazer, jeans, boots, and a turtleneck. Once the time comes for the night ensemble, simply switch the jeans and top with a basic little black dress. It’s that easy ladies! 

Photo Credit @negin_mirsalehi

Photo Credit @negin_mirsalehi


Bold Shoulders

It looks like this trend was literally introduced to celebrate the holidays. What better way to leave a bold fashion statement than with oversized shoulders. If you’ve already seen fashion mavens flaunting dresses with huge shoulders, you already know that it is one of the top trending designs for winter 2018. What you might not have thought of is that you can rock one of those dresses or tops for the holidays. They work wonders for a dinner event, party, restaurants, clubs, even a gathering with friends. All of us women love spicing things up, that’s why you should always opt for a daring color.

Photo Credit @camilacoelho

Photo Credit @camilacoelho


Christmas Away

All of the lucky ones who get a chance to pull off a getaway for the holidays have to find a way to be comfortable, cozy and on-trend at the same time. This is the time when you should put on those chic cowboy boots on. This boot design is without a doubt the most beloved one among bloggers. Influencers are matching the cowboys with dresses, skirts, and jeans. Our suggestion is an oversized chunky winter sweater with a pair of basic blue jeans. Stay warm by layering to the fullest. A plaid shirt under and fuzzy coat on top should do the job. As long as you have your cowboy boots on, you don’t have to worry about not scoring the coolest outfit. 

Photo Credit @designschungel

Photo Credit @designschungel


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